Summer Special Tulsi Ice Teas

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Herbal Tea Strings Tulsi Mulethi- Stress Relieving & Vitalizing

From the range of Organic Teas, Herbal Tea Strings offers Tulsi Mulethi, a Stress Relieving & Vitalizing Tea with great aroma and taste. Relax and enjoy a fragrant, soothing cup of Tulsi Mulethi. Delicious Tulsi leaves blended with sweet Mulethi and a touch of tasty peppermint makes your teatime a pure pleasure, something you will look forward to again and again!

Herbal Tea Strings Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea-Stress Relieving & Magical

Herbal Tea Strings, Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea is 100% pure and natural and exotic blend of Tulsi leveas and rose petals. Combine rich and flavorful Tulsi leaves with the soft fragrance of real rose petals, add some subtle spices and here you have a teatime experience sure to make you smile. It is naturally sweet, just add boiling water and instantly you will enjoy!

Herbal Tea Strings Tulsi Sweet Lemon Tea- Stress Relieving & Inspiring

Herbal Tea Strings, Tulsi Sweet Lemon Tea is lovely flavours mixed with tasty Tulsi leaves and a touch of natural sweetness with the added benefits of green tea and ginger, it's a tasty experience too good to be true! What a miracle that something so healthy can taste so good!

Herbal Tea Strings Tulsi Green Tea Jasmine-Stress Relieving & Enlivening

Herbal Tea Strings, Tulsi Green Tea Jasmine is Stress Relieving & Enlivening certified natural tea. It is health promoting combination with great taste and aroma. This delicious tea will definitely make your day and let you feel enlivening and energizing. It contains natural caffeine present in Green Tea. With the jasmine and green tea, you can enjoy the health benefits of Tulsi.