Cappa Gift Box 60 Tea Bags

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Herbal Tea Strings WWB Capsules To correct irregular cycle & premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in Teenagers & Adult Women & for Menopausal Syndrome in middle age.

Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms:

There are two basic conditions that are thought to trigger PMS symptoms. They are thought to be triggered by the changing female hormone levels. They are also believed to be triggered by lower than normal serotonin levels- brain chemicals that manage mood and emotions. With each of the two triggers there are specific related symptoms.

Early Menopause and Post Menopausal Symptoms (PMS):

Menopause occurs after a woman has not had menses for 12 consecutive months or longer. Anywhere from two to ten years prior to the cessations of menses and fertility symptoms can begin to develop.

Also Available in WWB 60 Capsules Bottle